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Parent Education

Strengthening Families Georgia (SFG) Parent Cafes


Strengthening Families Georgia (SFG) Parent Cafés are conversations among parents and caregivers about what it takes to keep their families strong. Parent Cafés can take place in early childhood centers or other friendly environments, and they’re a safe place to talk about the “hard stuff.” Trained facilitators lead the discussion as parent participants explore questions that really matter — about taking care of yourself, raising strong children, and building strong relationships with your children. Parent Cafés offer an opportunity to help develop parent leadership.


Parent Cafés focus on the Strengthening Families research-informed framework and approach to preventing child abuse and neglect. This approach focuses on family and community strengths and Protective Factors rather than risk factors. Protective Factors are what help children and families thrive despite whatever risk factors they might face. Protective factors aren’t just for families that are at risk for child abuse and neglect because all families benefit from having strong protective factors. The 5 Protective Factors this series focuses on are:

·        Social Connections – Parents need friends

·        Concrete Support in Times of Need – Parents know where to turn for help

·        Knowledge of Child Development – Parents know how kids learn and grow

·        Social-Emotional Competence – Children learn how to handle feelings

·        Parental Resilience – Parents can bounce back

Other things you should know about this series:

·        Duration:  2 hours per each session (5 sessions total)

·        Training Modality: in-person or virtually

·        Includes: parent tip handouts, interactive parent-led discussions, and a certificate of attendance

Learn More about Strengthening Families Georgia and Protective Factors


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