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Georgia's Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Initiative starts with the premise that adults are responsible for the safety of children. However, many adults feel unable to protect children from sexual abuse because they do not know enough about the problem or the steps they can take to reduce the risk. 

We educate all adults who have responsibility for children, using Darkness to Light (D2L)'s Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training program. Since 2006, over 153,000 Georgia adults have participated in the Stewards of Children training.

The Stewards of Children training curriculum is the only adult-focused, evidence-informed curriculum proven to increase knowledge and attitudes about child sexual abuse and to change behaviors promoting protective factors. The one-time 2 ½ hour Stewards of Children program is available through a group session led by an authorized facilitator as well as online. Authorized facilitators are located throughout Georgia.

The training is appropriate for parents as well as professionals and volunteers in youth-serving organizations such as schools, faith centers, camps, daycares, sports leagues, and clubs. Stewards of Children is also available in a Spanish-language version.

Access the Training for individuals or groups:

Get trained now!

Online Self-Paced Training: Join Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman's partnership with Darkness to Light by participating in the #FlipTheSwitch campaign. Use Aly’s special code FLIPTHESWITCH to access the Stewards of Children at no cost and get trained today. When you complete the training you will get a special commemorative certificate mailed to you!  Let's get as many Georgians trained as possible! 

Step-by-step instructions to access online training here. | Talking to kids about body safety and boundaries guide here


Get trained today and protect a child. Already trained? Get further involved.

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