Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Resource Guide

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Georgia’s Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force, led by the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council has published a Technical Assistance Resource Guide (TARG) on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention. The TARG was produced by Work Group 2: Youth Safe and Aware.

This comprehensive guide provides background on best practice, principles of prevention, identifying resources for the classroom, developing a prevention plan, age appropriate teaching suggestions, analysis of specific programs, and guidelines for implementation and evaluation. Additional appendices cover Georgia specific health standards, laws regarding mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse, fact sheets and identifying additional resources.

Work Group 2 is comprised of dedicated local experts in child advocacy, child abuse prevention, and victims’ services – spent two years reviewing specific child-focused abuse and exploitation prevention programs to create this guide. This guide does not endorse a particular program, but it does provide a list of programs that have met the Work Group’s specific criteria for best practice. It is up to each school and/or youth-serving organization to use this guide as a tool to assess their situation and resources and then decide on a program and implementation plan that best meets their needs. The intention of this guide is to specifically address child sexual abuse and exploitation within the sexual violence continuum and how communities can engage in prevention strategies to improve the health and well-being of their youth population.

Click on the link or picture below to download the Technical Assistance Resource Guide.

For more information, contact:

Michelle Anderson
Task Force Coordinator, Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Office: 404-657-1962

Tiffany Sawyer
Director of Prevention Services, Georgia Center for Child Advocacy
Office: 678-904-2880 x215

Julia Neighbors
Director, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, School of Public Health, Georgia State University
Office: 404-413-1419

About the Georgia Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force: The mission of the Task Force, led by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, is to protect the citizens of Georgia from perpetrators and systems of sexual exploitation while concurrently working to support recovery of CSEC victims to ensure that they are ready for college, work, and a successful future. The Task Force operates by a targeted, strategic framework which consists of individual Work Groups addressing the five elements of the trafficking continuum: Vulnerability, Recruitment, Exploitation, Withdrawal, and Reintegration. Specifically, the Task Force functions based on eight objectives: Community Awareness and Education; Youth Aware and Safe; Deterring Buyers; Keeping At-Risk Youth Safe; Apprehending, Investigating, and Prosecuting; Examining Labor, Foreign-Born, and Adult Sex Trafficking; Survivors Supported and Protected; and Survivors Recovering and Thriving.

For more information, visit

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